Duplication profiles when using choice component


I am having an issue where in an older version of our app I tested this and it works, but in the newer version it is duplicating profiles.

On user profiles I want them to be able to Edit (using a choice component) where are they are living right now. We have 4 choices, so later they will show up in locations tab through inline lists under the area they chose.

On the older version I did this and it worked perfectly, allowing the user to change location and not creating any sort of duplicates. But for some reason on the newer version, using the exact same way of setting it up, each time if a user changes their location, it duplicates their profile. They only show up once on the Locations lists, but now they have duplicate profiles and I can’t figure out where it is going wrong.

Where are you showing the choice component? Seems like you’re using it in a form?

As you said this I went into my old one and new one and realized for some reason the new one had the form on submit to add new row, even though if they edit anything else it hasn’t duplicated them yet. So all fixed I believe!

The right way is to let users edit the current row using a pencil button (edit form action).

I am not sure what you mean. I have an edit pencil button on the user profile, if they click that there is certain information they can edit.

For the edit form the On Submit was set to add row (which was causing the duplicate when they use the choice component), but now it’s set to none and it works fine for them updating any of their information in the form.

Yes, add row was the cause. You should not use an add row action in an add/edit/form environment pointing to the same Sheet.

Yes I know that wasn’t the plan, it wasn’t doing it originally as my users have been editing their profiles for months, but somehow it got changed.

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