Duplicated App

I duplicated an app I have, removed the Google Sheets integration, created a Template app and am working on the first version of the app from that template. I want each app to have it’s own database and would love if someone could confirm that any edits to the new version of this app won’t affect the records in the original app - when I look at the API of the Glide tables in the new version it has the same table value in both the original app and duplicate app…so I’m assuming Glide has another way to identify the differences? Perhaps App ID plays a role here?

I need to delete 75,000 rows of data so figured someone in the Glide community could confirm and give me some piece of mind!

If you’re creating a new app from a template, I imagine the data table is a new instance. One easy way to confirm would be to rename one of the columns and then check the other app.