Duplicate multiple rows

What is the best way to copy rows (about 20-30 rows with 2 level hierarchy, 10 columns).
For now I am using Integromat via webbooks to search and add and it works fine just the delay of synching back to glide… (inserting dummy speeds it up)
My use case is copying a template of a weekly workout program.
Was wondering if anyone found a better solution since I checked last?

I know that @yinon_raviv had a very similar scenario. For his use case, I helped him out with some apps script to add the rows. I doubt that the apps script would be any faster than Integromat, as the data still needs to sync back to Glide. Maybe he has since found a better way to do it…

No I didn’t find a better solution but the 2nd script you did which add all rows at one bulk is working great and it takes about 10-15 sec to all of the to appear in glide after synch


Hello team,
Just wondering if this still not doable just with Glide? I mean without the need of Intergromat or Scripts.

Thank you!

custom action… but you need something to trigger it… do you have a more specific description of what you need?

Thanks @Uzo, bassically is pretty much same case than @Lin_Altshuler, I will have some template surveys in a table, the user can create his own survey or pick up one from the template list, when selecting the template i need to copy al the rows (questions) and paste them in another table to assign them to that user.

Hope I was clear enough :grimacing:

so… you need a separate sheet for each user? or do you need some data being populated in that sheet depending on the user? because Lin’s example… do not make any sense for data collecting logic

It is same sheet for all the users’ questions, each question is linked to a survey ID and the surveys are row owned.

so you wanna collect answers from the users, using the same template?
there are two ways to do that…

  1. vertical… as in your example… you gonna have to join columns
  2. horizontal (all questions and options are in the same row) … simply record answers as it is

the second option will look messy… but is the best option if your survey has fixed amount of questions

What I am thinking is to copy from template:

and paste the to questions database (when pasting write audit ID):

The answers are recorded in this question database and are just OK, NG or NA.

don’t understand why… the most common mistake is the wrong data structure for the project.
explain why you need to copy structure and paste?
you can’t use the same structure for all users? just filter options?
answers should be recorded in one row… not in the array of rows and columns

Well, I may agree with you, I’ve tried to find out a different method with no luck.
My current reason is because the questions of the template table can be used by many users and each user will answer differently and so on.

Will appreciate if you let me know any other method.

I would have to dive deeper into your project… I helped many customers to simplify data and make it just 1 row, not 2D or 3D :wink:
you can Zoom me
no matter how complicated the survey is… you should be able to collect answers in just 1 row… and if you use a glide table … you can compress it to just one cell, they have better capacity than google sheets…
I did a project, where I took just one cell to describe the user, his database, all images, all URL links, relations to other tables… and then nicely create a table with all these pieces of information coming just from one cell!