Duplicate list form entry

I want to know if it is possible to dupliacte list form entry .


Do you mean it is a component?
You can get the answer here:`

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Do you mean duplicating a form? You can duplicate the component that contains the original show form action.

I want to duplicate the entry.

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Sometimes it might be useful.

If it’s Google Sheets source - you can copy and paste row straight in GSheets.

For Glide tables I am pretty sure no option now

It s Google sheet source. I want to duplicate records table on the app

Then just add an add row action, either in an inline list or in a button in the details view of records, point the add row action to the same table, then add all columns as appropriate.

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When i add action “add row” it duplicate the records , but i can’t edit the entry now

I find a solution on adding a loat buton with add row action. thanks for your replay

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Just to add to the discussion here, it seems like you do this inside a form, within the on submit action. It will create a duplicate row because the original form already added a row.

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