Duplicate App Issues

I have two apps. One is the original and the other is a copy of the app (with similar information but has a different sheet). They are very similar but one has more features. They both have Setmore Integrated for its Calendar/Booking Page. Each app has different calendars but for some reason appointments that are made in the second app keep showing up in the first app. In the google sheets they have separate calendar links. How do I solve this issue and keep the appointments separate?

What happens when you make an appointment? Is there a backend automation that writes the row to the Sheet (using Setmore)?

I have Zapier that writes the row to the sheet while using Setmore.

Are you sure the Glide apps are pointed to different Sheets? I assume when you do a Setmore appointment then it should only write to one?

I’m sure that they are pointed to different sheets. One is a copy of the other one but they have different sheets and different calendars.

Can you send a Loom video of the problem? We may need it to know more about your problem with the 2 different apps.

I will send a video showing the problem



So ultimately what you showed their is you booked within an app, and the calendar shows the event in two apps?

If you’re confident that those two use different sheets, then it would point to the automation you set up writing the appointment to two different sheets. Can you confirm that?

If it’s indeed two different sheets, then I think the only reason it can have duplicate records is the flow you’re using in your scheduling solution/Zapier is writing two records to those two sheets.

Thanks, I just contacted Zapier support and informed them.
Another issue I’m noticing is that when I schedule an appointment in the orange app.
No matter what email I use it saves the email address as another email address and it’s not the one that I use to sign into the app.

Is it an anonymous email or someone else’s real email? Do you have the app set to collect real email addresses?

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Glide can generate virtual email addresses for users of your app—users sign in normally, and developers never see their real email. This protects user privacy and minimizes the sharing of personal info.

As Jeff said, if you’re on a paid plan, you can choose to collect real email addresses.

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Someone else’s real email. It’s one of my email addresses but I am not using that email on this app.

It’s set to “hide user email addresses”

I guess I’m confused by your responses. You say that you have “hide user email addresses” enabled, but the email that is sent is someone else’s real email address??? I think you may have to include some screenshots that show where that email is coming from and how it’s set when you schedule an appointment.

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I schedule appointments in the orange app and they are not showing up in the orange app.
They are showing up in the blue app.
I set the appointment up using my “dharrishoya@gmail.com” email address and it is showing up in the blue app as another one of my emails. These emails in 2 seperate apps share the same phone number. Will changing the phone number fix this problem?