Dumbing down my templates

As I’ve told you before I am working on Apps for Artists, tools that help musicians save time, make money and grow their audience. I decided recently to do this:

  • Make basic templates for free (no barrier and free marketing)
  • Let people pay if they want support. They pay and get a year support and a kickoff explain session.
  • Or let them pay for a course if they want to learn to build tools themselves.

So if you choose the free version you get no support. If you want support you need to pay.
But …

Then an app needs to be self explanatory.
That made me look totally different at the apps.
I looked at my apps from the perspective of a Glide novice.
And started to dumbing down the apps. Skip all the fancy stuff that can lead to mistakes and / or questions.

Of course there will always be questions, but I wanted to minimize that.

It gives you an interesting perspective: what will the novice do?

The paying customers will get the fancy stuff :wink:


Very interesting and insightful post. Like your thinking :thinking:

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YES! I try to do this constantly too, always looking at the perspective of someone who is moving for the first time; is that person familiar with this type of technology? Are seniors going to use your app? Are they low-income people and / or don’t know how to read completely? All of this influences how you will organize your app.

This image below sums it up a lot.


The first part of your support structure is Glide like. Lets gain and not lose customers. :wink:

:wink: I am full time Glide promotor, but don’t wanna be a fulltime support desk :wink: