I'm confused about glide pricing

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using glide for about 6month now. I am a winemaker and geek here in Southern France. I built an app to help me keep track of everything I’m doing at the Domaine since I’m very bad with paper.

The app keeps track of the different tanks during fermentation, with nice :chart_with_downwards_trend: to monitor fermentation. It keeps track of bottling. But also of what we do in the vineyard, to keep track of treatments with nice calculations to know how much Copper/hectar we put on each parcelle. (If interested I’ll post of the project section)

I’ve been super happy with Glide and I’m still using a free plan cause I’m not using any of the features from upper plans. I spoke about the app to my friends around and some are willing to try it. (I of course used use specific columns everywhere, everyone would see only there stuff)

My confusion is with the free plan, I technically can invite them to use the app. But to be honest I feel weird that glide would provide that much for free, to potentially 10 other friends.

These friends would potentially pay a small fee, but they are not willing to go through the agency model, it’s very confusing for them when I talk about it.

I honestly think the app I built would be a great help to other winemaker. For me, then for my friends, and why not to other. I have no desire to start a app making company though. I’m thinking of updating to a paid plan would make sense to offer more features. But if I keep updating the app and building more feature for other, I feel it’s normal that I get some revenue from it. But I also find not normal that Glide gets nothing from it.

I’ve read similar stories on this forum but I’m still confused on what is the right way to behave here? I don’t wanna sell the template nor go through an agency model. From what I understand I can still use with my friends a free plan, but it doesn’t feel faire to Glide.

Could anyone clarify my situation?

Thank you for this community, I’m amazed every day what we can achieve with the software.


Are you on a Legacy Free plan or a new Free Plan? I assume a Legacy one, because you mentioned 10 free users, I assume in this case Public users.

I think if you’re fine with the current features offered, then it is what it is. There are great features offered on the paid plans, but if it’s not what you need to offer your app, then you don’t need to upgrade.

If your friends are meant to be end users of your app, then you could continue using the free plan and upgrade when and if needed.

If your friends are fellow winemakers and they would be using your app as their own app for their own business, then it would make sense for them to create their own Glide account and have their own Glide app, which could be a duplicate of yours.

You say you don’t want to be in the software making business and that’s totally understandable. At the same time, if you’ve created a business application which is valuable and which you wish to distribute, even if not at scale, then it’s still a form of a small software business. Glide allows you to distribute this software either by copying it to other teams, by selling it as a template or by setting up your agency. Pick whichever setup you prefer.