Dropdown source from an array column

Hello Gliders,

I have a sheet containing a list of books. These books I have made an array column combining 37 columns consisting of different topics.

I want to now filter the list by the topic. Is there any way I can select the Array Column as the data source of dropdown?

I don’t want to create a separate dropdown sheet stating all the Topics because then it will take up a lot of additional rows.

How many items in the array?

You can transpose them into a single column using the RowID → RowID Lookup → Row Index → Single Value technique, but you’ll need a helper table with at least as many rows as there are items in the array.

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I have a sheet of 100+ books. Each book belongs belongs to up to 37 different topics. I made an array combining all 37 columns into 1 cell.

but you’ll need a helper table with at least as many rows as there are items in the array.

Are you saying if I bring all the values from array column into one column using single value, will that not take up additional rows? If I combine all the topics into one column without an array, that will be around 1300 rows.

Do you want to use the native filter or not? I assume a no?

If you use a native filter in a list style then you can point that straight to the array column you have.

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Yes I didn’t want to use native filter, but I think using a native filter in this case would be more efficient. I just didn’t want 4 different filters on top and then a separate filter with the table like this.

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Ah that makes sense. Then you will have to use the transpose method then.

Transposing the array column will be counted as extra rows right?

Yeah, sure. But there’s no other way I think.

Thanks. Native filter is the best option then. Doesn’t take up any additional rows and works best.

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Hi Is there a readup on how to create and manage array in glide?

For transposing an array for using in an inline list or choice component, you can refer to the below:

There are also a number of array related plugins available:


Awesome! Thanks!

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