Downloading data in a pdf or email


I created an app that allows me to keep track of metro trips. Is there a way to have a feature that allows us to “Download” the data in a specific template or form that one can print out? I know I can go in to my google sheet but was wondering if that was possible? As I may want to do it for another app I am working on.
Thanks! Such an amazing group.

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Hey !

Thanks for sharing your issue with the community.

Based on your question, I think that the best option to you (and your users ?) is that you use Integromat or Zappier. You’ll then be able to create automations that may send automatic emails or documents that you can print or do something with them.

Let us know !

If you want a PDF to be printed out, then you can user Zapier/Integromat alongside PDFMonkey. You can design the PDFMonkey template then link it with a Zapier/Integromat scenario.

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