Download JSON file

In my app (for intervals workouts), I create information (timings, etc.) that I currently use manually to configure another app which has intervals timer functionality

The other app can import a JSON template with the timings so that manual configuration isn’t necessary

In Glide, I’ve created a field that constructs the right JSON object. Now I’d like to get that text from Glide into my other app.

The only way I can conceive of doing this is sending the JSON text via Zapier to my email address, however I don’t know if Zapier can turn the JSON into a file attachment

So I’m looking to see if anyone has managed to take text within glide and download or send it from Glide, by email or any other means that allows it then to be downloaded

I assume that “other” app isn’t a Glide app?

So you want to construct JSON in Glide, then allow that JSON to be downloaded in the form of a text file?

That’s right

What I’ve done as a workaround is use a webhook sent to, which sends the JSON content as an email attachment

Ideally I’d skip that intermediate step but I guess for now it’s a solution!