Send data using API

I would like to develop an application to send data using API to a MS SQL Server. The data source is from pre-defined google sheet / Excel spreadsheet.

The only issue I can’t understand is how to post data from the App to external Db (currently in MS SQL Server / AMAZON) using JSON format (I have the dB API).

Do I need Zapier (or other tool) to do that or does the standard API features allows me to create this JSON-style post.

If I recall correctly, the Glide Basic API allows to add, update, and delete data within Glide tables directly and not to external Db.

So, is it possible?

I will be grateful if you can send a link to a tutorial/documentation dealing with this issue since this is one of the critical features I need.

You would need to use Glide computed columns to construct a JSON payload, and then send that via a webhook to an external service such as Make/Zapier, which could then forward it to your MS SQL Server API.

Note however that webhooks in Glide must be user-initiated. That is, it would require an action (button press or similar) from a user to trigger the webhook.

If it needs to be done on a schedule, then you would need to fetch the data via the Glide API (you’d need a Business or Enterprise licence to get access to the Get All Rows endpoint), and then construct your JSON payload outside of Glide - again using something like Make/Zapier.

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:
No problem with user-initiation…
As for the “construct a JSON payload”, I’m not familiar with that.
Is there any tutorial/documantation/example on how to do that?

No, but there is now :wink:


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A short one if I may:
Does Glide itself sends the webhook (button press is great for me) or do I need Make/Zapier to send it?

If you have a webhook action, when a user press the button, it will send the payload you choose to whatever URL you specify in the webhook action.

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