Doubts about new function URL construct

Hi all

I’ve been testing the new function to build the URLs. Some of the doubts I have:

  • If it allows doing it with deep links. I’ve been testing it and doing so always brings me home.

  • It allows us to know the traffic of those URLs in Analytics. I’ve also tried it and it seems to layer the added fields.

In the event that someone has done tests and some of this has worked, you can tell me how.

Thank you very much.

How are you building the urls for deep links?

I give you an example: Glide · Create Apps from Google Sheets

I don’t understand. You are trying to build your own deep links into your own app? How is that supposed to work? You can’t just pass random parameters into a url and expect it to know which page to take you to.
The glide code behind the scenes only expects certain parameters and knows how to read and process those certain parameters. Why are you choosing the parameters you are using? Why aren’t you using the built in deep links that glide provides for you already and knows how to read?

I think the intention of the Construct URL column is to dynamically build URLs for websites outside of glide. Not to build URLs to link back into your app.


I am trying to know where the traffic that my app comes from comes from, since the deep links in Analutics I cannot identify if it comes from my Facebook or Google ads or offline by indicating them as referral or social. I need to know this to be able to make marketing decisions and I thought this could be a solution, but I see that it is not.

I see. If you are trying to deeplink into a certain screen, you will have to save and use Glide’s own deep links. You could try attaching additional query parameters to the end of the deep link, but I’m not sure how glide will react to that. Especially since the existing deep links are encoded.

I don’t really use analytics, so I can’t help you much there.