URl: please,help

Hi there!
Please, help find the answer.
I can’t building URl with URL’s constructor for card details.

Goal: user moves to the required card from one table to another, but there are two problems: 1) the link with Row ID does not work 2) it is not clear how the link can be passed to another table.

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Do you have a visual representation of what you’re trying to achieve? What do you mean by passing the link to another table?

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@Antonoff no offence intended, but you really need to provide more information and context when asking for help. There are lots of us here that would love to be able to help, but you provide so little information that it’s almost impossible to know how to respond.

There are some smart people here, but none of us can read your mind :wink:

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No hard feelings!
You are right, maybe sometimes I can’t explain how it should look)
I will try to tell you: there are three tables, they all work in a “card” format.

The appl logic is built so that when a button is pressed in one of the tables, the user can jump to a row in another table.

I tried to do it through the URL constructor, but it doesn’t work. I don’t know why.

how can i create a link to go?

And thank you very much for helping to find answers. I hope we are on the same wavelength now.

So are you saying that when the user taps the button on your second screen shot, they should be taken to the view shown in your 3rd screen shot?

What action do you have attached to that button?

Again, without understanding what the underlying tables look like, it’s difficult to say what the exact solution will be. But most likely you will need a Link to Screen action, and if you need to land on a specific row in another table, then that will probably be a Link to Screen through a relation.


yes it is

More, please

If you want me to provide more specific guidance, then you need to provide more details.
What tables are involved?
Which tables correspond to which screens?
What column names do you have in each table?
Do you have any existing relations between the tables concerned?
If so, how are these relations configured?


There are two tables I’m talking about:

and Notifications

No, there are no connections between them.

Need a transition from a row in the table Notifications to a row in the table Feed

First of all you are trying to use the construct url column incorrectly. It is not for building your own links into your app by putting whatever you want in it. That’s just not how it works. It’s for building links to link outside of your app. Even then, it has to follow the correct format rules for how those urls should be constructed. You can’t just make up a link to a page and expect it to work. This same topic has been discussed here.

If you are attempting to link from your notification tab to your feed tab, you are going to have to either save the deep link that glide already creates for you and works. Or you need to create a relation that links a common value in the notification sheet to the same value in the Feed sheet. Then you can link to screen through that relation, or create an inline list on your relation, or whatever you want. I would recommend the second method, since it would be much more reliable.

What you are trying to do with the Construct URL column is just not possible and not at all how it is meant to be used.


Big thanks!
It finally works! I did’t know that in a relations expose as data.

@Darren_Murphy big thanks you too!