Double Relation?!

I don’t think I’m thinking straight this morning…

I have a sheet of form submissions… I’d like to create a way to group each user’s submissions to each day they are submitted. So relate to the email column to get the user’s submissions. But then I want to capture the submissions per user on each particular day. I need this type of relation so that I lookup the value of a form submission for a specific user on a specific day (then remove that value from a choice list… but only for that user on that day).

Here’s what I’m trying:

  1. Relate email to email (on same sheet); multiple relation to get all submissions per user
  2. Relate date to date (on same sheet); multiple relation to get all submission per date
  3. Joined List to pull in the RowIDs of each row found in step 1
  4. Joined List to pull in the RowIDs of each row found in step 2
  5. Two split lists to “convert” the joined lists to ‘relatable’ columns.
  6. Relate those two split lists to each other to get instances where the RowIDs match.

This doesn’t really get me what I want and I think I need a new approach entirely.

Basically… I want user A to submit a time value after selecting a date (so pick Nov 5 from date picker; then select a time from a choice component that is based on a list of times in my sheet). Then, I want that time value to be removed from the user’s list of time choices after it’s selected, but only on the date they first selected (and only for that user).

You should be able to create templates of email-date (date formatted to date only). Then use the templates for both sides of your relation.

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Can I delete this post? Haha… I use that approach all over the place and I’m not sure why I thought this would be anything different. I think it will work.

Thanks for jogging my memory. I blame the time change!!


Ha, no problem. It might help somebody else.

I’ve been there where you spend too much time on something because you are convinced it’s the only way. Then you step away for awhile and you realize a better easier solution.