Don't see relation columns in my collections

I’ve read of posts on this topic so my apologies in advance if this is already answered. will send screen shots in a later post but I am basically re-creating Roberts approach to using tags on posts (instructions in my case). He uses inline lists that allow him to specify his relation columns as sources. It appears as if inline lists are no more so i have followed the new advice ands used a “collection” on my screen. The “relation” columns are not listed.


Am I barking up a non-existent tree? I am attempting to list the “tags” that are specified in my posts/instruction data.

Realize this is cyrptic but wanted to know what’s up with no relative columns as data sources.

Thanks for your patience

It sounds like something’s wrong here in your setup so we would need more screenshots. What I would do from your description is:

  • Create a column to hold “tags” in your Instructions table.
  • Add a multiple choice component to write to those tags.
  • Have a table where you store all tags.
  • Create a split text column to split the “tags” column in your Instructions table by a comma.
  • Create a multi relation from that split text column to your Tags table.
  • Use the relation as the source of your collection.
  • Set the action to navigate to the details screen of your Tags row, and display what you want there (I assume a list of instructions that have the same tag).

I had done all the steps in your list but did NOT configure
“* Use the relation as the source of your collection”. correctly.

that was the key. THANKS so much.


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