Does glide is able to upload/download the photo from external FTP/FTPs or http/https?

I would like to build a CRM app and I have to download the photo from external FTP/FTPs.
Please advice how(or if) Glide to finish this task?

You can add an “open link > [photo column]” action. This should prompt the user to open/download the image to their device.

thanks for your reply. may i know if the action can access external FTP/FTPs site? And then to add photo automatically from the FTP/FTPs and also the photo can be divided by different groups? or I have to ask someone to write a program for this?

So you want to import the images from your external sites to Glide? Does the original link those sites provide work for displaying in Glide? If not, I fear there’s not a straightforward way for you to import those to Glide storage.

ok… thanks for your reply… looks like I have to find another way to implement the feature/function… :frowning: