Distance not populating on Data Editor

I have a an app that the distance is not populating in the data editor from the current location to the address. It populated before, now it is not. I am trying to create a filter to have a component show if it is less than mileage but it not populating. It is pulling from just the street address, but I have changed where the whole address was in there and it still did not compute. Any input on this?

Are you having a Pro app?

Yes I have pro

Can you try making a new distance column with the same settings to see if it works?

Already tried that

Can you record a video of the bug in action? Thank you.

It does not allow me to put a video in, does not except the file type

You can record it with Loom and post the link here.

Can you send your support link to support@glideapps.com ?