Displaying all users addresses on a map

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I am beginner, I have a simple question (I guess) :

I would like to display all the addresses of the users on a map, from my “Users”. However only the adress of the user connected is displayed on my map.

This is my table of users, each user fill in his address when suscribing :

I tried to make a lookup on another table “table lookup address” but all the addresses go in the same cell, so it doesn’t work. It would work if each address would create a new row :

Thank you a lot for your ideas! :pray:

You have Row Owners applied to the table. A user will only have access to the rows they own. If there is nothing in the user table that needs to be kept private and secure, then you can remove row owners from your email column.

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Thank you Jeff, your solution works.

However further in the row, some users’s information is confidential.
Do you have an idea to display the users address on the map without the Row Owners tip ?

For example, i tried to put manually some addresses in another table and they are well displayed on the map.
Would you know how to create an automatic copy of the addresses from the Users’s table ?

Thank you!

You will have to create some kind of process that will write the address to a separate table whenever it they update the address in the user row. A little complicated to set up though.

Instead it might be better to have two tables for user info. One that contains private information and one that contains public information.


Thank you Jeff, I will do the second option its easier.

Have a good day :grinning: !

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See below for a guide to setting that up:


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