Display Projections in the app

I am creating a finance application, where user uploads a file (excel preferred), and i want to display analytics through the app. for eg. let’s say a company uploads their sales data for a quarter and i want to show the graph or charts or analytics in the app i.e. showing their projects. How can we do that?.

It’s a bit complex and depends a lot on how you want to interpret the file, but the bottom line is you must read that file and bring the data to your own Google Sheets. At that point, you can get access to the data and display analytics as you want.

I think you can tell users to:

  • Upload XLSX/CSV files
  • If it’s XLSX, convert it to CSV using something like CloudConvert
  • Read the CSV’s content and push rows of data to your Sheet

All of these can be done using Integromat.

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ok i have connected to couldconvert and transformed my excel data to csv. Then how can i now send this data to google sheets?

You use a CSV node to parse the data from the converted CSV, then a Google Sheets node to create new rows, I assume that’s what you want.