Display Problem on my calendar collection

Hello everyone, can someone give me an answer regarding the displays on a calendar collection? All events are displayed in the same place, meaning on the same day. However, I don’t have any issues with time slots or overlapping appointments; it’s just the display on my calendar.

Can you attach a screenshot?

All events remain on a single day, yet the details of the events are all correct.

Do you mean the info is too stacked and can not display the full “bubble” for each item?

Does it happen when you view it on a desktop?

Yes, even on a desktop computer, all events are displayed on the same day? When they are added via the booking form. Is this normal for a diary?

How are you configuring your booking form? I mean if you’re writing the info to be on the same day, they are correctly displayed on the same day.

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On the phone, events are displayed on the current date, but on the computer it shows me the event on Monday. I wonder if this isn’t a problem with the CSS, I’d also like to point out that I haven’t yet subscribed to a business account. Or a problem with the language, because I’ve noticed that in my workday table, if I change the name to French, it doesn’t even work anymore.

My reservation system uses an action table that sends all the data to another table where it is stored.

If all of your events were created to be on the same day and they are showing on the correct day, then what is the problem? I feel like you haven’t really explained what the problem is.

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Okay thank you now i’m understand how is work.

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