Display in list is not working if app has no signed-in user

I am facing a problem which I am not able to figure it out. The display in list is not working if app has no signed-in user, but the same data is working fine for a simple text. This is what I am doing.

  1. I am sending a prompt to Open AI (say give me three birthday ideas) and getting three results in JSON Format.
  2. I am loading this result in a TEXT, and when I am displaying this TEXT on the screen it is working fine.
  3. Then, I am loading these three JSON records in a table as three separate records (I used Java Script to parse etc.). This is working fine irrespective if App is signed-in or not signed-in by a user.
  4. Then I am displaying these three records JSON records on the screen through LIST. But, it is not getting displayed if App is NOT signed-in. It is working fine if App is signed-in by a user.

Could it be that you are using User-specific column to capture the text entry for Prompt? Check your column if it is User Specific which will require a user to sign in. Alternative, if you set your app to public, you may need to have another text entry that is non-user specific. Hide it when a user is sign in to show the user specific text entry component.

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Can you include some screenshots of how you’re setting it up? It sounds like you’re tying a screen to a row that can only be available for a signed-in user.

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yes… seems one of the column was user specific. thank you very much.

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