Same User missing info on one device vs another


I’ve got some users signing into an app from their work computers (bank employees), and they are seeing a different view there vs when they log in on their phones or at home.

The app is a voting platform. Users are assigned a set of applications to review and vote on, and should see a list of those applications. Instead, these users are not seeing their assigned applications but are seeing a “congrats, you’re finished” banner. This banner has a visibility condition for when an array is empty.

I’ve attached a screenshot showing the correct view for the user, highlighting the visibility conditions for the banner (which is hidden in the screenshot) + the data showing the populated array. This view is shown for them when they log in on a personal device, but not when they log in from work computer.

Prior to viewing this screen, they must complete a Confidentiality Agreement (form) that lists all the applicants + includes that list in a column when the form is submitted. I am waiting to hear from the affected users if they saw the applicant names, but the list of names was recorded in their row. That seems to indicate that the application data is available to the app, but for some reason isn’t communicating with the visibility conditions on the subsequent page.

So far this issue is only happening with users from this one bank employer. Other users are not experiencing.

Thoughts on what is happening + how to fix?