Disparity phone vs emulator for random selection & switches

Hi folks,

I’ve implemented a pretty simple random image picker, but I’m observing disparity in behavior between the ‘play’ mode on Glide developer and when the same app is used on a phone. For example single column random selection and ‘switch’ behavior fail to operate as intended. Does anyone else observe similar or have insight?


Can you elaborate more on what’s not working with these components?

Sure thing. There are two primary problems:

  1. the code is supposed to perform a random single column value select on the sheet labeled “App Tasks” under the column heading “single random reward”. It’s to perform this step on a button press (‘check-in’), whose action is to link to screen directed to a row in that column on the ‘App Tasks’ sheet The result is the display of a randomly selected image; one image is stored per row in the ‘related’ sheet, “Rewards”. When in “Play Mode” on the Glide development application, this works as expected. Each press of ‘check-in’ yields a randomly selected image. However, when I implement the same code on an iPhone (as an ‘installed app’), then no random selection occurs. Instead, repeated presses of the button result in the same image being selected over and over.

  2. images randomly selected (as above) can be removed from the random selection rotation if the user toggles a ‘remove’ switch (displayed just below the selected image). The switch is configured to flip a Boolean column value, which subsequently drives some simple if-then-else logic to separate ‘available’ (“New Reward”) from ‘unavailable’ (“Removed Reward”) images. Members of those two groups (‘New’ vs ‘Removed’) are shown to the user in two corresponding in-line lists. On the emulator (‘Play Mode’) this works as expected: when toggled, the current random image is added to the ‘removed’ list and displayed appropriately in that list. On the next random selection (‘check-in’), the removed cases no longer appears in the random rotation. On an iPhone however, toggling the same switch leads to an immediate new random image selection and display—not what’s supposed to happen. It’s the same logic, operating on two different platforms (emulator vs Phone), yielding two very different behaviors. Confounding! And unfortunately, not functional.

All constructive input welcome!! Thanks…