Different Details Screen based on the tab

I am developing an app with two tabs. Each tab shows a list of items taken from the same table. (It doesn’t show the same item using a condition). When I press one of the items, I would like that the Detail Screen of the items will be based on the tab I came from. How do I do that?

Change the action on the list in one of the tabs to ‘Show New Screen’ instead of ‘Show Detail Screen’.

Thanks for the fast reply!
I chose ‘Show New Screen’, and then I chose for that screen the ‘Details’ layout. But it always shows me the first item in the list - how do I show the item I pressed on?

Did you choose ‘This Item’ when changing the action to ‘Show New Screen’, or did you choose the table? ‘This Item’ will keep you on the same row item that you selected from the list.


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