Different Date formats Wanted in Different Tab

It seems like this would be easy, but I cannot find a solution.

On one tab I want a long Date format: Wednesday, October 7, 2020
This one is coming right into the sheet with a form.

On another tab, I want a shorter one 10/07/2020.
I have a relation and lookup pulling in the date from the first sheet.

How do I get the looked up dates into the shorter format?

Whenever I change the original, the looked up ones change.

Any ideas?

Hey @spencersRus,

This is just an idea, I haven’t tried it myself.

How about having two math columns one for the long format and another one for the short one. Maybe use a template to lock it in and have the lookup find the short format. I believe that it might keep the formatting in the second math column whenever you change the original one.

I hope this helps.


Santiago is correct. A math column to duplicate the original column with a new format will work, but people have problems with lookup on datetime columns before so beware.

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