Difference between local and Google Sheet tables?

As I understand, local tables run faster for User experience. Why then use a Google Sheet to create a table?

There are very few reasons to use a Google Sheet as a data source these days, especially if you are working with a Business or Enterprise plan.

About the only time I will use one is if I need multiple roles per user, which isn’t supported with native tables.

If you’re working within the constraints of a Team or Maker plan, then there could be other reasons to use one, as you don’t have full access to the Glide API.


Thank you.

My primary app is mostly google sheet based. Partly because I built it before there were any other data source options and I don’t feel the need to change it…but also because I have scripting to perform weekly backups of my data, along with daily archiving of old data. For me I like having some ownership and control of my data outside of Glide since there isn’t any built in backup and restore functionality.

I guess in my opinion, I don’t think there is necessarily a downside to using google sheets as long as most or all computations happen within Glide.

With that said, most of my other apps are glide table based.


Good insights, thanks

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When building an app from scratch, one question will be where the data needs to live, and I too will mostly opt for Glide Tables over Google Sheets, Excel or Airtables.

But many Glide projects are built on top of existing data, and this data might already be in Google Sheets. If the data is already formatted correctly and especially if other team processes are involved (integrations with Google Sheets, scripts, people working on the files), then it becomes a sound choice to continue working with Google Sheets as an external database.


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