Airtable coming soon!


Oh blimey ………

I have not used Airtable that much, can you guys let me know what are the main reasons we should use Airtable over Google Sheets? Thanks in advance!


This here will be a game changer. I already use Airtable for a few clients (and my own work). So excited

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Same as @ThinhDinh.

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We aren’t suggesting that anyone use Airtable versus Google Sheets – this is for people who already have their data in Airtable and want to use Glide.


:point_up: This.

I have a few clients who have been waiting for this. It’s all about where your data currently resides. Honestly though, unless I absolutely have to pick differently, I’m always going use a Glide table as my data source.


Yes, especially with the coming API :wink:


The Api solve something, but I’m still feel limited not to use the Googlsheets functionalities and Googlescripts.
For my personal understanding, is it possible to use both once you have created a project via glidetable? In this case might change my view.

Same for me !

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No. If you start with Glide Tables then it is not (currently) possible to add a Google Spreadsheet later.
The reverse is not true of course. If you start with a Google Spreadsheet you can add as many Glide Tables as you want. Personally I think it’s generally a good idea to start with a Google Sheet.


well, Airtable has its own API already running :wink:

Ya, even if you never use it, it’s good to have as a utility sheet for whatever purpose you want.


Google sheets is basically a spreadsheet platform which can be used to for data entry/storing of tabular data. If you want to do some adhoc analysis of data using pivot tables, formulas, charts, then you can use google sheets.

Airtable is a grid/table native relational database platform, where you can enter/save and personalize advanced data views and collaborate with others. It is used as a platform for distributed data entry. You can have variety of cell editors ( for example, date dropdowns, multi-select dropdowns etc). So Airtable is specifically designed for data entry.

Also you have automations, and third party apps running over your Airtable data which allows you to do amazing things.

One of the major advantage of Airtable over Google sheets is you can store different data types in a cell. For example, you can attach documents, images etc in a cell. But in google sheets you can only store text data.


I have most of my own work on airtable. To use it in glide, I have to sync it with Google sheet. This will be handy for me.

Thanks Glide Team.

Airtable has its own automations functionality and visually it’s better than Google sheet.


I am wondering how airtable‘s relations will be handled in glide. Let‘s see.



1000% going to use that a shit ton when it’s released !

Is there any advantage to AirTable over GSheet when it comes to capacity?

I.e. GSheet 5 Million cells max

AirTable ??

I really hope we will have a way to Import\Export data including the columns structures from one data source to another.
I started building my app before Glide tables were even a thing and I am suffering from performance issues because of it.
I don’t mined going over all the components and setting the new columns, even rebuilding the computed columns again, but recreating about 50 GS tables with more then 100 columns is impossible.

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