Difference between black and green

Guys do whats the difference of these too? I realised that when im adding a user-specific column on the green it adds the :lock: Row ID column, but when i do it at the black one, it doesnt. How can i make the ‘black’ table turn into a ‘green’ one? Thanks.

Hola @Marios_Vasiliou,

The green are sheets from Google sheets and the black ones are Glide Tables.

I hope this helps.


It was explained to me that glide tables already have a built in row id (unlike google sheets), so there is no need for an added row id column for user specific columns to work. If you still want a Row ID column, you can still add one.


Yeah, I saw that, but not sure how I feel about it. I guess it’s convenient, but I generally add a Row ID anyway because I try to use Row ID’s for relations wherever I can. Helps to minimise data redundancy.
If Row ID’s are “built in” for Glide tables, rather than keeping them hidden I think I’d rather see them front and centre so we can use them.