Developers to have limit access rights / functionality on Tables

hi All,

Thanks for your reply and help in advance.

We have developers working on the integration / coding via google scripts on our apps.

How can we restrict them to only work on scripts/ code but not accessing the actual data in app? Or restricting them to certain functions on the glide apps, certain members working on the apps?

Firstly, I assume they don’t have access to the Glide builder since you only need them to work on Google Scripts.

Next, I’m not sure if there’s a way to restrict a user’s access to only scripts, but I think what you can do is give them some dummy data with the same structure and let them work on a separate sheet with that data, then you bring the code back to your real sheet later.


Rather than using the google script linked to the main sheet
Work on unlinked script and create webhooks which can be triggered from glide or can be linked to sheet.

Go to Apps Script – Google Apps Script and click on new project.

But with this method, you still need a supervisor who can work on the linkage to main sheet.
Sheet can be accessed by method

var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.openById(<id of the google sheet>)