Restrict columns access?

I am looking to build an app that is basically a form that moves through workflows.

I will need to be able to restrict access (not just visibility) at the field level. This means that a user would not be able to access that data at all in the app. But other users might.

Is it possible to configure Glide in such a way that some users do not have access to specific columns and the data?

To be clear… it would be restricting access to those columns as end users of the app. Not within Glide as a builder.

Security-wise, I think that would require you to place protected content in a separate table and apply row owners on that separate table. Then connect the main table to the secure table via a relation.

You can protect an individual column, but you can’t granularly control which users can view that protected column value.


Ah I see… thats quite a complex architecture to maintain.

Thank you!

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