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I’ve read the link regarding protected columns, it’s great but I believe something like “column owners” would also be needed where a column could be viewed only for users with a role or with certain roles

From what I understood the data in protected columns will not be available to anyone so it makes sense to have let’s say a table that some columns you want to manage them internally by the users with a certain role and some columns to be able to have data from the rest of the users of visitors without downloading the data that is protected.

It’s a neat feature and it’s been discussed in the forum a few times.

One thought though that someone else had brought up, possibly Jeff: Glide projects are mostly meant to be internal business apps. So really, perhaps truly private information that needs to be kept private should not be submitted through a Glide app. Think of professional email, calendar, and Slack/Teams: we can assume the admin teams have access to all of the information if they want to.

Protected columns are meant to keep already existing columns in an external data source private. At least that is one important use case.

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I understand the thought that maybe started Glide project but why not scale it’s usage if the customers want it and also if there is a market fit for it, and I believe it is and even though Glide is meant for inetrnal business apps or if it was created with that thought in mind, the possibilities revealed now are really expanding and this is what I think it makes an app great and of course, if those are also implemented … Let’s think of how Airtable for example started and what is now … they had just some basic DB functionalities at the begining and now the have integrated the entire world of apps :slight_smile: in it and also, they have created interfaces etc. … They saw the potential and made it happen for the users.

I truly hope Glide’s plan is similar as from what I see, the potential for what they have created and started is huge from my point of view.

I didn’t understand the reference here.

In companies where there are enough employees to justify a team to administer computers, phones, hardware, and software used by employees (the software might include Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 or things like that), I think we can assume the administrators of the company’s hardware and software infrastructure have access to all of the content employees create, including emails, messages on chat, calendars, etc. Anything that might be administered by the company might not necessarily be private. We might assume the same for Glide apps: if the Glide account is administered by the company, we could assume that none of the data in the app is private.

@nathanaelb Those are private to the company and for each user. Let’s take an HR platform for example … in an HR platform you have data that is visible only to that user but also, more data for the manager with some columns for sure restricted and maybe all the data available to the CEO and HR people … anyway … there are a lot of use cases because 2 companies are not the same and it shouldn’t matter that for Glide in my opionion.

The only important thing is growing a business and I belive that growth comes with providing to the users what they love and in this case, to open the possibilities of what a user can create in Glide … I really enjoy using Glide and I think it can be more than an internal app building platform, but it’s not my decision :slight_smile: … just a good wish for the team and the product.

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Btw … users are still gonna use it for their needs, even if it’s not intended for that purpose and sometimes it’s good to see and understand how the users are using the product, from a marketing perspective, as it can lead you to maybe shift your vision of the product or add more things to it and make it bigger … and in the history of all the products in the marketplace, there are a lot of examples where people shifted their vision and made it bigger … let’s just think of FB which started as a campus platform for students and now has almost the entire world in it :slight_smile: … and that’s just one … I believe Glide is on a great trend now and in the future other similar products will come as the “No code market” grows bigger … so it really depends on the direction and position they would like to have on that market … big, small, niche etc.

Anyway … this is just our discussion and we can continue if you would like privately, as I don’t want to be off-topic … let’s see what other’s think also and maybe we could have this implemented in the future in order to expand the functionalities and have flexible privacy on the data.

My vote is for this :raised_hand:

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