Detect value changes

Is there a way to detect (in a custom action) if a value on the current record/form has changed?

Do you mean in an edit screen?

What I’m thinking is you can:

  • Duplicate all the columns you have and have them under an Edit group. Let’s say if you have Name, Phone, Age, then there will be Edit/Name, Edit/Phone, Edit/Age.

  • When users click a button to show the edit screen, set the value of Name, Phone, Age to their edit version siblings.

  • Show the entry components writing to those edit columns, and once they click “Done” then write those columns back to Name, Phone, Age.

Now you will have to versions, the edit version and the normal version to compare if an edit has been made.

If you need more help, please clarify what exact logic you want and what you will do with it. (Say if this field has been edited do something)

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Thank you for the suggestions! I can make one of those work.

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