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I discovered Glide in the last two weeks, and enjoying it very much. The community here is very useful. Thank you!

I’m using detailed view for the main screen, in order to let each user see only his information. For this reason, I marked the email row in my sheet as “Row owner”, and it works great.

The problem is that I have an administrator tab, that is visible only for administrators, and they should see all the information of all the users. When I’m trying to put a list or an inline list, the list includes only the information of the current user.

The solution I found is to duplicate the worksheet in GoogleSheet, so now I have two equal worksheets: one with “Row owner” and one without. The main tab refers to the worksheet with the “Row owner”, and the administrator tab refers to the other worksheet, so administrators can reach all the information.

I’m sure there is cleverer solution to do this with only one worksheet. Maybe someone can help me?


“Row owners“ prevents any sort of Admin access in that app. You’d have to remove row owners or create a second app using the same sheet for admin access.

Have not faced this problem myself, but can a “row owner” cell contains 2 or more emails? If it can be structured that way, would it solve Pnina’s problem?

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Ah. You know what…it can! If you created an array column by having an Email 1 column that copies over the user email using an array formula, and an Email 2 column that just auto inserts the Admin email (repeat for more Admins…Email 3, Email 4, etc), you could make the resulting Array Column in the data editor the Row Owner.

Nice catch @ThinhDinh!


Yes @ThinhDinh, welcome to Carousel’s universe which can make what Robert is telling you.

This is another use of this feature and can help you better:
(How to make an Image Carousel)


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what is the proper text delimiter to get mulitiple emails in the same cell? I am using a concatenate formula to merge the various columns but can not get them to be recognized as mulitiple emails addresses (separate blue ovals). I am missing something simple here…

Name your columns consecutively (Email 1, Email 2, Email 3, etc.). This will create an array column of Email in glide.

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Well that was easy… I was completely overthinking that one.

Thanks for the quick reply

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