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I have a question re "adding detail pages!.

If I add a “new detail page” to a different flow, it somehow pulls an existing “detail page”. If I change some items on “the new detail page”, it will overwrite the date from the “old data page”.

Any ideas what I need to change to avoid any overwirting?

Thx so much.

How is your flow set up? Whenever navigating to a detail screen from a list, it will always use the same layout, since layouts are attached to the table.


(Assuming you are navigating from a list/ button) You could try setting your action to “show new screen” instead of “new detail page” and then choose the Details layout.

It sounds like you want the two screens to be similar except for a few modifications. In that case I would recommend using copy all/ paste all from your existing details screen to your new “show new screen” with the details layout.

That should do it…


mmmh ok - I guess the easiest work around is the way @Eric_Penn pointed out. Thanks so much both for your support on this

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jap, that works - thanks so much.


You’re welcome, glad I could help. One thing to add I recommend using a “custom action” and then from there choosing “show new screen”.

It’s good practice to start from a custom action. You could possibly lose a lot of work if you want to add more actions to the sequence down the road.

i.e. show new screen → set column value