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I feel like the answer to this will be no but have to try! Is it possible to re-order screens in a custom flow (ie. onboarding flow of 5-8 screens)? And if not possible, is it possible instead to at least insert a screen in between screens (ie. insert new detail screen between screen #1 and #2)? I’m trying to figure out if everyone using Glide is masterfully efficient and NEVER messes up or maybe I’m missing something…because ive forgotten quite a few things while building and needed to go back to add/adjust and dont really see a way to do that…
Hope I explained that properly

No, I don’t think there is any easy way to do that. Copy/paste components is probably your best friend in this situation. If you do take the copy/paste approach, be sure to carefully check all component settings and associated actions after they’ve been pasted. Sometimes they can get a bit messed up in the process.

5-8 screens is an awfully long onboarding flow - do your users get a high five if they make it to the end? :wink:

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Haha actually its more like 8 minimum. I hateee long forms. If i land on a page with a long form I give up. Instead a form with a handful of pages with radio buttons on each feels more gamified. And has a sense of accomplishment. Ive seen many flows from the showcase and that always seems to be the winner :slight_smile:
Ok so re: the copy paste…where would i be pasting components to if youre saying there isnt a way to insert a screen in between screens?

What I’m saying is that you would need to rebuild your flow from the point where it diverges - and copy/paste will help you with that. What I would do is start by duplicating the starting screen - this should give you a copy of the entire sequence. And then start making your changes in that, referring to the original where you need to. Then once you are done you can delete the original.

There might be an easier way, but I’m not aware of it.

Also, you could keep everything on the same page and simulate a flow via

  • button “next” setting a custom action (show/hide)
  • and visibility conditions depending on show/hide.

This avoid the “show new screen” issues such as

  • reordering
  • but also, deleting a button where you loose everything…

Thank you!

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