Design Title of Switch button

I am preparing an App for Companies to maintain their data about their Directors and various meetings.

For this, I have created different Masters like Director Master, Meeting Master etc. In each of the masters, I can edit and add entry through the Form option.

While adding New Director details through Form, I also need to select, in which type of meeting he is also a member.

Kindly see below image, in Switch, in Title, instead of manual text, can I use the heading of the Switch component?

The reason I am asking this, is because, the heading (in my case, Credit Committee) is pickup by automatically from the Meeting Master which can be changed at any point in future. So suppose if I change the meeting type from “Credit Committee” to “Remuneration Committee”, the title of Switch is not getting changed.

I hope this explains my query. Kindly let me know the way around on this.



Can anyone help in this one please? @david @Mark

I don’t understand. Use custom text to make a fixed title, or bind to a column to make it dynamic.

If you click the 3 dots next to the title text, you can select a field to be used instead of plain text. If you have a column with all your titles, point it to that column and if you change it in the future, it’ll update this switch too.

I tried doing that. I have those details as Heading, but then it returns the value of first row of that particular column and not the heading.