Delivery notes


I am new at GLIDE. Can you help me doing this ?

I am working in an app that collect delivery notes ( date, signatures, products … )

I have a problem with tha issue to include some products in an only note.

I mean that i have a header with general info about the delivery.

Then i have a zone that must allow to entry some product (ID, units, price … ). It would be one, two or some products there.

Then in the final zone, i need the Total price based on the different products chosen and collect the signs.

Which would be the best way to do it ? Can you recomend me a template that works like it?


@rayo does your template work this way?

Thank you for referring ThinhDinh.
Hi Samuel, I am really sorry but I don’t quite get what exactly your app will be doing. Maybe if you can explain to me in other terms I can advice if its possible & easy to customize my template to perform these actions.