Delivery in a public app - Orders by Whatsapp

Mr. Apple :apple::iphone:

Inspired by some small stores here in Sao Paulo that sell some eletronics, and most highly inspired by Apple website I made this template.

Here in Brazil its common small business use Whatsapp to receive their orders and keep their sells.

Thinking about it, I decided to creating a simple but pretty inovated app with some new last glide’s updates. I already say that building the app wasn’t the simple way even seeming it. I always try to work in a perfect UX/UI, making the building a hard work.

That’s the result. Take a look and I’ll appreciate receiving your feedback :blush:

:point_right: Test the app here!

For a better experience, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Ver Produtos”

Some Features even in Public App:

  • Add the products in your bag
  • Tab visibilty when Item added in bag
  • In bag, Edit amount or Remove item if you want
  • Complete filling your personal information
  • Confirm sending messages by Whatsapp

In Roadmap: Admin panel in also in public app to add, edit, delete and change ads or something more.


nice great job @Lucas_Pires

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any time i open the app it shows me this before the app finishes loding

Maybe because the browser try to load the tab, but this tab is set up as a visibility when an item its added in the bag. So, never mind :grin:


Great job Lucas! Another beauty from you !

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Beautiful. Slick. Well done :clap:

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Thanks guys