Deleting a record that has dependencies

Step 1: Department X is added (stored under tab=departments)
Step 2: Employee A is added (stored under tab=Employees)
Part of doing step 2, I have a choice field pointing to Department Values - so I selected X as the Department of Employee A.
Step 3: Validation (Department showing the Employee - because I have a relation setup)
so far so good.
Step 4: I deleted the Department (from the form not deleting raw from google sheet)

Issue >>> Department was deleted and no longer showing under Dept page (or Dep Google worksheet), BUT Department value still showing in Employee page !!

  1. Shouldn’t Glide pops a message saying “Can’t delete coz there are dependencies”
  2. If not, shouldn’t Dept value under Employee record be deleted at least !!

When you finish choosing the department for the employee, you write it back to the Sheets as a hard-coded data right?

No - I select department to the employee when I am creating a new employee and click submit. I see the employee record added as line in the google sheet fine including the chosen Dept.
I don’t come near the google sheet

I mean when you have the “Department” information written into the Google Sheets then it will stay there and does not depend on you deleting the “Department” row. The connection between the 2, as I’m understanding, was fixed in that Department column value in your Employees sheet when you have finished adding an employee. Is that correct?

Here’s the SoE graphically:

I understand what your are saying, and while this would be a great feature, it’s not how glide currently does or ever has worked. I would call this a feature request instead of a bug.

Thanks Jeff. Let’s call it “Limitation” then :slight_smile: - will submit a new feature request. Thanks, Adel

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