Deleted app login sheet how can i get a new one

i accidently deleted the “app login” sheet and i want to know user logins is there a way to make a new one?

Have you tried looking at the google sheet revision history and restoring it from from there?

do you know if i do that will i lose all my data a updated today?

ok yeah i looked and it looks like i would have to restore the whole version so i would lose everything i did to it today. its not that big of a deal i guess i just wanted to see the new users logging in

Yeah, I agree. I just did a quick test and it seems like it’s an all or nothing restore instead of just a particular sheet tab.

I’m not quite sure what you can do. Maybe see if glide regenerates it when you sign in again. I’m not sure how that sheet is integrated into glide and if deleting it breaks that connection forever, or if it comes back. You could also attempt duplicating your app with a new google sheet copy and see if that works too.

@Chris_Heck - when you’re viewing the version history of a Google Spreadsheet, you’ll notice there are 3 small dots next to each version…

If you click on those, you’ll see there is an option to “Make a copy”.
What that gives you is a copy of the spreadsheet at that point in time.
So what you could do is find the latest version that still has the App: Logins sheet, make a copy of that version, and then copy/paste the sheet into your current version.

This would restore your App: Logins sheet, but whether or not Glide would start using it again I’m not sure. It could be that once the link to that sheet is broken it can’t be restored. I don’t know. You’d just have to try it and see.