Delete a Record from a different Source from a Form Screen

All Tables and Views are on Azure Postgres

  1. I have a table that is added to that stores an ID for a relative item in two other tables.

  2. I have a view that joins this information in Postgres and shows all relative information.

  3. They Layou and Collection in displaying the View with the tables joined.

  4. I have the “Add Row” working to create a new row in the first table and then the submit action refreshes the View data source.

  5. The native Delete doesn’t work of course because it is a view, but I made a new Form and attempted to set the Action to Delete This row along with some field data to verify it is the correct row. However, when I use the delete action I get a Null constraints error.

Here is the error message, but it is like it’s trying to wipe the contents vs deleting the row. Notice the item_id does match.

Anyone have any suggestions to be able to delete the associated row in the other table?

Thank you in advance!