Default Value on Entry Component (Glide Page)

Hello Community , Now I am working on Glide Page , so far so good , I have tried Multi-Step Form which it’s amazing but I struggle on Default Value

  1. My Idea is to set Default Value of Name = User Name ,which I always uses on Glide App
  2. But in Multi-Step Form , those Entry Components under Step 1-2-3 don’t have Default Value option(Pic1)
  3. I’ve tried creating normal form , which those Entry Components can set Default Value , maybe I did something wrong and misunderstood something

A multi-step form is essentially a custom form, which is just a number of input components on a details screen. It doesn’t allow for default values or required fields.

However, because all inputs are initially written to User Specific columns, it’s possible to set default values when the “form” is opened.

What you will need is a custom action that opens the form, and as a part of that action you can use Set Column Values to set any default values.

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Thank you for your explanation and idea , Now I try setting Column Value in Create New Action
Create New Action >> Go to Tab (Multi Tab) >> Set Column Value ( User’s name)
But when I try to set Column Value , it’s current page not form page

In your User Profile table, create a Single Value column that takes “First → Whole Row” from your Form table. Then you can do a Set Column Values through that column.