Default form values sometimes missing for date

For setting a default date in a form, the date will only show up if that field is added as a visible component on the details screen I’m clicking the form link from. It will not work if the “next Sunday” (which is the default calculated value for date in the form) component is absent or not visible.
This default date is calculated from a MATH column.

See GIF for details.

Is this a default date that can be changed by the user, or will it always be a date that 7 days later and shouldn’t be changed at all?

It needs to be modifiable, but also having the default value pre-set to +7 days can help the user avoid making duplicates or mistakes.

This looks like it may be a bug. I can duplicate the issue when the column used for the default value is a math column. I’m guessing that the ‘date plus 7 days’ column is not being calculated on the screen because it is not being displayed, so when it’s used as the default value it doesn’t show as the default because it’s not calculated. Yes, it’s visible in the data editor, but I’m guessing a lot of that stuff actually happens on the fly only when viewing the data. Might be something to send to support.

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