Deep links - Glide branding in Pro app

Image credit: @Brice

Pro App with custom domain.



I can’t reproduce this. Could you please send me that link in a PM?

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Sent you a PM. Thanks for responding.

It seems to be an issue only on WhatsApp. Since it’s the most popular messenger in the world, it would be great to have this bug fixed.

Mark, I am checking now and the issue seems to be resolved (in my App at least). Thank you.

@Brice Could you please check yours?

I’m afraid, it’s same here.

@Brice check out this thread. I have to wonder if it’s actually the device that’s adding the extra Glide part and not the app itself.

That isn’t same issue. I’m sharing deeplink with custom domain.
Any problem from my WhatsApp on MacBook and Android.
But it appears the title “Glide - Create Apps from Google Sheets” on iPhone.
Same issu when trying to share on Facebook app for iPhone. I think it’ll be same on others platforms.
So you need to try it on WhatsApp for iPhone to see what I’m saying.

The cause ? Deeplink is too long. It isn’t clickable as you can see. Just try on Messenger and only this part is clickable :

No problem when link shorten using URL Shortener platform.

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Tuesday night the bug disappeared (as reported above) but today (Thursday night) it has returned to my Pro App, i.e. Glide branding is back when sharing a deep link. @Mark FYI

Those long links look SO spammy would be great if they could simply use the title of our cards. Or ability to use a specified column.


Ikr it looks like Glide is trying to decifer the value of pi or something… would love it if we could customize deeplinks

Agree. LOVE the deep link functionality, but the long links currently look super spammy. We want our creators sharing their content from Details onto their own socials, text and emails. We can’t expect them to pause, go out of the app to Bitly or some other shortener,… and shorten and then send. We’ll lose them. So an automated link shortener from Glide would need to be the go.

I just posted a request here:

If Glide can’t provide a shorter URL yet, can we create one manually in our hosted DNS settings? If so, I have no idea how to do this :wink:

1 Like has an API that is available to registered users (registration is free).
It allows you to specify a customised shortened alias.

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