Deep Link Timetable - Days, Months, or Years?

Hi - I know that Glide is careful about not giving out timetables on features, but can we get just an IDEA of when “deep linking” will become available?

Is it days, months, years or not in the pipeline at all? I’ve voted on the Glideapp for feature requests, but I feel like this has been tossed around for a while without much word on it

Thanks in advance!

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It would be huge as well for me to have it as I run 2 news apps at the moment. I have seen you liked my comment about it just now so I won’t link the same thing here. Hope this will be available soon.


I would say 6-12 months.


Thank you @david. Appreciate all the work behind the scenes. :relaxed:

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Appreciate you @david! Thanks for the heads up

If we want to get a ROI on our Pro apps then deep linking will be absolutely crucial.

6 months would be better than 12 :wink:


+1 :smiley:

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