Decision tree

I want to make an app for my children at school to help them with the writing of verbs. In class I use a decision tree for that purpose. Is it possible to make an app from that? I tried the if/then function, but I can’t manage it well. Can anyone help me to make a start?

Hi Liesbeth. Do you also want the diagram “as is” displayed for the children in the app ?

No, that is not the idea.

Im thinking :thinking: how best to navigate the maze to other side. Let me get back to you. But it’s possible. As it’s for children, don’t want to add too many components that would confuse them. Let me see if I can Simplify the navigation. I’ll be back. Tx

Would you be fine with each word appearing as a tile which when tapped opens anothe tile (similar to paging) ?

I think so…

This would simplify things for the children. You could create several different tiles on your computer and then upload them as tiles and use them basically as buttons to open another page where there might be two further tiles and so forth. This way children find the whole experience entertaining and your tree technique remains unchanged.

There is an app I would recommend. It’s jeffs concepts app. Let me find you the link. I’m Not suggesting you will find your exact solution as This is for children so you don’t want to deploy paging wholesale, but you could use the app as a guide and it’s rich in examples.

I would say create word tiles and turn them into windows/branches which on tap open further windows with explanations.


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Thank you verry much, I appreciate your help! I love to puzzle with the possibilities you gave me!

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If you experience difficulties get back and I’ll see what I can do for you.

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This may or may not help, but I have a simple choice machine that finds a card. #MAGIC!

(right now I am just experimenting and it is only for FACE cards (JQKA)

Just thought it may be another way to make binary decisions.

It is copy-able but only has ONE line of ‘code’

Also, it is public so if two are on at the same time it could be a problem.

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Hi @Liesbeth_Mol

It looks like a Dynamic Choices using Relations, you can see my demo as guide and use it if this is useful for you.


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Again, not sure if it will help here but I have been playing around with ‘binary’ decision making…

See the app here (public, so there may be a couple on at a time.)

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