Daylight Savings Time Adjustment for Accurante Timestamps

Hello, over last weekend Mexico changed to daylight savings, which meant -1 hour from previous. Normally we are synch with US central except for aprox a couple of weeks difference when daylight savings is changed also in the states.
Due to this my timestamps are wrong, how can I adjust for such change, selecting Mexico time instead of US central, thanks!!

If you create a template that joins the timestamp and the 3 digit code for your timezone (not sure if or what they are), or if you add -5 or GMT-5, then it will lock that timestamp to a specific timezone and adjust accordingly, based on the user’s timezone.

I also have an app that converts local time to GMT time if you wanted to calculate and store all timestamps in a standard universal time.

Also, there is a new plugin that will do this conversion as well. Haven’t played with it yet.


Thanks Jeff!

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