DateTime format after set column values

In one app I am using template for combining datetime&rowid. This i made correct with standard date formatting. In the set column value action after record adding I am copying this template field into spreadsheet text column. During this action Glide is changing the date format, making it unusable for sorting.

For sorting a datetime column, sometimes it’s helpful to create a “datetime numeric value” using math column:

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I am frustrated when I don’t solve such problem by myself! OK, 50 years ago I would do it in 1st minute. Maybe I am too much oriented on problem and not on solution: “I have problem for every solution!”.
But this is still the workaround why set column value converts one date format to another?

Finally it would be fine that such workarounds are somehow used to fill in the FAQ database.

Checked, works perfect for X500 representation:

Next step: indent! :slight_smile: