Date Table relations

Hi there.
I’ve a resources table. I also have a project table.
I would like to make relations beetween those 2 tables,

  • Add a Project Manager (who’s in the Resources list)
  • Add a Sponsor (also in the same Resources list)

I ailms at choosing from the project table my PM and Sponsor from the Resource list.

I’ve tried using relationships … but since not to work.
What do I have to do ?

Best regards

convert dates to text… dates have time… so they are never the same (unless you copy-paste them)… that’s why it will not relate.

HI. I don’t understand. My question should not be that clear ))) I would like to use my Rest API in order to get data from my web site. My web API request the use of a token using a post request. Is this possible ?

oh… maybe your title is wrong? it says Date… it should be Data??? you can try fetching JSON

Your topic title is “Date Table Relations”.

Your original question asked about:

Which has nothing to do with your topic title.

And now you are asking about a Rest API, which seems completely unrelated to either of the above.

Please take a step back, take a deep breath, and try and think clearly about exactly what it is you need help with.

And then try asking your question again.

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Sorry, your’re right. I was asking about data !