Date String "Gone!"

OK… I haven’t checked one of my client apps all weekend. Just pulled up Google sheet to add new data and the “date string” is now all blank which means my customers went how long over the weekend without a follow-up date?
How can this happen? I cannot risk losing clients if this isn’t controlled.

Can you reproduce the problem? Does adding a new row not record the date?

OK, 2 things. First, are you still using the formula to populate the Date String like this?

Second, was the first record deleted at some point, which would have removed the formula?

Fixed… had to re-input formula in column @Jeff_Hager.
How could something like that happen so I know what to look for?

That’s why I ask if the first record was deleted. This probably removed the formula when the record was deleted.
This is why I always have two header rows in my sheets. Row 1 is used for Column Heading Name, and Row 2 is used for formulas. What you need to do is insert an empty row right below the headings, then re-add the formula to cell F2 of the new empty row. You may get an error because you still have the formula you already re-added and is now in cell F3. Just clear out that cell and it will repopulate the Date String all the way down.
It’s also possible that you still have Date String as an editable field in your app. If its still there, you need to make sure to remove it.

This is why we are adding formula columns to the Data Editor.


Really? When?

As soon as we can, and we’ve already started. See Template.

I prefer putting the arrayformula in row one along with the column label/title. There is no way it can be deleted by the app and it eliminates the need of the seemingly empty row 2. There are two ways to do it. I prefer the first one listed and am in the process of changing all of my sheets to work this way.

={"Add Method 1";ARRAYFORMULA(IF(ISBLANK(A2:A),"",A2:A + B2:B + C2:C))}